Third series

Local life - Recruitment Assistant

Working years: more than one year

Department: word of mouth

Education: Bachelor degree

Number of recruiters: how many

Team Introduction:

Domestic leading local life service platform. The local life service company takes "redefining city life" as its future goal, making city life more convenient and better.

Job description:

1. Responsible for local life recruitment interview arrangement, channel maintenance, job release, resume screening, etc;

2. Assist the recruitment manager to carry out various important recruitment projects, such as special recruitment, etc;

3. Based on the daily recruitment data for comprehensive data analysis, data operation recruitment;

4. Analyze the talent distribution of the industry and key target companies, and take the initiative to find suitable candidates.

Local life - Recruitment Assistant(图1)

Job requirements:

1. More than one year experience in headhunting or HR;

2. Love the field of human resources and aspire to develop rapidly in HR industry (interest is the best teacher);

3. Have strong self driving ability and logical thinking ability, have a great interest in the exploration of new fields, fast learning and adaptability, can withstand high-intensity work.


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