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Amazon operations specialist

First foreign language: Spanish (fluent)

Nature of work: full time

Job description and requirements

I. job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for collecting and analyzing product market information, looking for hot selling products, analyzing the situation of competitors and formulating sales promotion plan;

2. Be responsible for the construction, operation, maintenance and daily management of Amazon's Spanish station, including product development and upload, listing optimization, data maintenance and update, new product promotion and promotion, internal coordination and customer communication, timely reply to customer email, etc;

3. Timely upload the latest product information, evaluate and analyze product keywords, and improve the search ranking of product keywords;

4. Timely handle the problems arising from pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales, and independently handle disputes and negative comments, so as to improve the quality and quantity of review,.

5. Provide good customer service, quickly and accurately reply to customers' information on Amazon and answer customer inquiries. To maintain the store's high praise rate and good credit, improve the store's various policies and avoid account security issues;

6. Regularly count sales data, inventory data, RMA, etc., make sales detailed reports, conduct sales analysis, timely adjust sales strategy, and maintain good inventory turnover rate and inventory safety;

Spanish teacher, Spanish Spanish trade, Spain cross border

2、 Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in Spanish, international trade, e-commerce, etc., with unlimited experience, fresh graduates are also allowed;

2. Excellent reading and writing ability in Spanish, with certain ability of data analysis.

3. Be interested in e-commerce and foreign trade, willing to actively explore solutions, strong sense of teamwork;

4. With strong sense of responsibility, strong executive ability, able to complete all tasks in time; strong independent learning and thinking ability, flexible solution to customer problems; careful, conscientious and down-to-earth, not easy to make low-level mistakes.

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3、 Benefits:

1. (1) insurance guarantee: social security five insurances; year end bonus;

(2) Gift money: wedding gift; birth gift; birthday gift; Traditional Festival welfare; Spring Festival red envelope;

(3) Paid holidays: statutory holidays and annual holidays

2. Training mechanism: according to the advantages and comprehensive ability of each employee, let each employee make the best of his ability. The mode of horizontal rotation for middle level cadres in enterprises is cultivated. Enterprise management is transparent, providing a fair and just platform, making the vertical competition of each employee open and fair.

3. Working hours: week and week off. Mind if you don't have a weekend.

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