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Investment Assistant

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Communicate with customers online through Internet social software, such as telephone, to mine and analyze customers' needs, to facilitate order forwarding and product knowledge training, and to reach cooperation.

2. Actively and effectively promote activities and products to ensure fans have a very good customer experience;

3. Answer customer's pre-sale and after-sale consultation;

4. Absolute customer source advantage, extremely high commission mechanism, easy to make money in the office, white-collar working environment, gold collar income level;

5. Proactive, strong executive, responsible; responsible, able to work under pressure and obey the arrangement.


1. Experience in online customer service, online sales and wechat business is preferred;

2. Familiar with and use online chat tools, customer service tools, etc;

3. College degree or above;

4. Cheerful, talkative, quick thinking, love the network consultation reply work.

5. Sales experience is preferred.

[welfare treatment]

1. Rich salary: no responsibility basic salary 3K + High Commission Commission commission + double rest + team tour + five insurances and one fund (average monthly income of more than 10 ~ 30K)

2. Skill training: the company attaches importance to the cultivation of talents, and provides professional knowledge training and personal ability training for a long time, such as fund qualification certificate and securities qualification certificate

3. Working hours: five days off and two weekends;

4. Perfect vacation combination: paid annual leave, paid sick leave and legal leave;

5. Travel at public expense: the company will travel in and out of the province on an irregular basis plus annual travel abroad

6. Promotion space: the company is equipped with a perfect talent training plan. It never hires management personnel. It will compete for promotion every three months. It will continue to study management training courses, promote management level and do team management operation.

7. Company environment: five star class A office building, comfortable and beautiful environment, good working atmosphere.

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