Third series

New media editor

1. Responsible for the planning, writing, typesetting and content interaction of the original content of Douban Reading Official Account; 2. Independently plan new media topic selection, write copywriting, maintain official account push, fan interaction and other daily work; 3. Participate in topic selection weekly Will and plan 3 original topics that meet the tonality of Douban Reading according to needs, including but not limited to the interpretation and appreciation of classic books, book lists, good things list, business soft articles, etc.; 4. Responsible for the manuscripts written according to Douban Reading's official account requirements Typesetting and artwork, to ensure that the visual presentation of the article meets the requirements of the official account, reply to user messages in a timely manner, and actively interact with users.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in news media is preferred, more than 3 years of new media operation experience, and new media editing experience in books, culture, and lifestyle is preferred; 2. Familiar with various operation methods and promotion methods of new media platforms, yes Ability to independently think and plan actively, and be able to independently complete topic selection planning and soft writing of business cooperation directions according to the needs of the company; 3. Strong copywriting skills, and aesthetic ability to format, font, and image language; 4. Do things Organized, good communication skills, timely and efficient work, able to complete tasks on time and as required. Workload: Complete 3 original manuscripts every week. Work cycle: can guarantee more than 3 months.

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