Fifth series

Chinese teacher

  • First foreign language: English (basic)

    Nature of work: full-time

  • Job description and job requirements

    Work requirements:

    Educational requirements: full-time undergraduate, pre-school education major (with electronic certification)
    Working hours: 44 hours/week, five and a half days working system, half-day work every other week on Saturdays
    , regular evening shifts, working hours from Monday to Friday Approximately 9.30am or 10.00am-7.00pm
    Salary: SGD 2300, including lunch and lunch.
    Other benefits: 14 days of annual leave. 14 days of paid sick leave. Wechat

    search: Pan-German, follow the official
    Wechat, get more information, make an appointment for an interview. Add: 18971325427, or 18986194257 Remarks: Foreign Language Talent Network + Security Check
    • Responsible for teaching Chinese language courses and daily care for children 1.5-6;

    • At least 1 year of relevant work experience, like to get along with children;

    • Those who have taught Doudou classes (1.5-3 years old children) are preferred

    • Fluent in standard Mandarin, with learning ability;

    • Enthusiastic, caring, patient, responsible, and team spirit.

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