Sixth Series

Foreign trade salesman

job content:

1. Develop new customers independently for the above products;

2. Assign the list of potential customers for follow-up;

3. Translate the letter or contact the designated guest by telephone.

operation mode:

1. Log in OA office system every day to receive work tasks, report work progress, problems and guest feedback;

2. Through QQ or MSN or OA system station SMS for real-time communication;

3. Communicate with special problems by telephone;

4. Must be online from 21:00 to 22:00 every Sunday, and report the work situation of the week on OA in written form (such as: business progress, customer demand, product questions, etc.);

5. At 21:00-22:00 on the last day of each month, summarize the work situation of the month on OA in written form;

6. Work exchange, new product introduction, team training, etc. will be carried out in the headquarters of the company every year.

Other treatment:

Salary distribution:

1. If the self-developed customers successfully sign the order, they can increase the price difference (not recommended in principle) on the ex factory quotation of the "online trade department" or give commission according to the sales volume of the products (the specific commission standard depends on the product situation, and the range is about 3% - 10%).

2. Distribution of customer information, successful signing of the order will give sales commission (ranging from 2% to 5%). If the customer successfully signs more than 15 times, the customer resource can be temporarily allocated to the merchandiser and enjoy the treatment in Article 1 of this article.

3. Each year or quarter, the individual performance will be integrated and bonus will be given to show encouragement.

4. Generally speaking, the time of commission arrival is that after the goods arrive at the customer's hand, they will be remitted to the designated account through ICBC the next day.

Welfare system

1. Travel expenses, accommodation expenses, food and beverage expenses, and lost work expenses incurred by the company (usually 30-50 yuan / day shall be paid when the employee's leave is deducted);

2. For international long-distance telephone charges, the company will uniformly allocate the international long-distance account number to the official business personnel, and directly bind it to the user's mobile phone. It is recommended that users make more international calls and actively carry out business. The call list is summarized on the last day of each month.

3. For those who have successfully signed for more than 10 times, our department will purchase about 100000-500000 yuan "life accident insurance" every year.

4. Small gifts will be sent to our staff on birthdays and various traditional holidays.

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